Born:             Marts 11, 1991 in Koege, Danmark

School:          Koege Business School - finished 2011

Home:           Live in Lucca Toscany, Italy


Mom:           Madeleine

Dad:             Jesper

Brother:       Alexandar


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Why and when I started cycling?

From when I was 4 years old, I played football, first in Koege and then in Herfoelge. It was in those years the only thing I thought about and did not think I would ever stop. I played the first team in Koege and switched to Herfoelge when I was about 10 years. Here was next professional modes of exercise several times a week and the team was also one of the best in Denmark.


When I was 12 years (2003) I went on vacation with my grandfather (Lars Lander) living in southern Spain. He has cycled all his life (among others National Danish Champion in 1965) and did it ever. I got an old bike from him and then I was immediately hooked.

When I got home I stopped immediately with football and started training on the bike. Bike season was so far along that I participated in the Medal Races at Roskilde and got gold the 3 times I was participating. It was a great motivation and I joined in Greve Cycling Club, because there were some others boys in my age. Throughout the fall I trained with them and a cycling club in Herfølge (CC95).
I started in U15 and it went against all expectations. I came in premium series from the start and after only 2 months, I was taken to the district team. We had to run some races in Liege in Belgium as a prelude to the Tour de France from other European national teams and district teams. It was an exciting experience the whole circus that was about the tour. We were at Liege city hall with all Tour stars (Ulrik, Armstrong, etc.) and be presented on stage in front of City Hall just before the Tour riders.
Sporty went well with a second place in the time trial.


I have been very glad that I took the plunge and began to cycling. One can also say that perhaps I was influenced by my grandfather to start and my great-grandfather drove in the 50k in the Olympics in the early 50.
Since then it has only gone forward from year to year, as I learned to race.


In 2006 a began in the track and here I have had some of my biggest results. Now I only drive on the track in the winter as part of my training when the race on the road is my primary gold



2004    U15            Greve Cykle Club

2005    U15            Køge Cykel Ring

2006    U17            Køge Cykel Ring

2007    U17            Køge Cykel Ring

2008    U19            Glud og Marstrand, Festina - Hobro

2009    U19            Glud og Marstrand, Festina - Hobro

2010    U23/Elite   Team Concordia Forsikring - Himmerland - UCI Continental Team

2011    U23/Elite   Team Concordia Forsikring - Himmerland - UCI Continental Team

2012    U23/Elite   Glud & Marstrand - LRØ - UCI Continental team

2013    Pro            BMC Racing Team - WorldTour team

2014    Pro            BMC Racing Team - WorldTour team

2015    Elite           Team Trefor - Blue Water - UCI Continental Team

2016    Pro            One Pro Cycling - UCI Pro Continental Team

2017   Elite            GM Europa Ovini - UCI Continental Team






Landevej - Road 1


Ramme: Hersh 017

Gruppe: SRAM Red 11-speed


Pedaler: Look

Hjul: Vision

Sadel: Sella Italia




Enkeltstart - TT-bike


Ramme: Hersh

Gruppe: SRAM Red.


Pedaler: Look


Sadel: Sella Italia